Monday, 18 March 2013

Evaluation question 4 - Who would be the audience for your media product?

After doing some target audience research both online and by doing questionnaires we found young adults would be the most likely audience for our media product. This is because the genre of our movie is a crime-thriller, meaning it will not only be fast paced but could also be scary and jumpy.

From our BBFC rating research we found that thrillers are either rated 15 or 18. For example, Se7en and Pulp Fiction were both rated 18, and so our audience would most likely be 18 or above, although our genre may not appeal to everyone that age due to personal choice and favouritism of genre. Apart from the BBFC ratings there is not much limit to the age of our audience, which is important as we would need to attract as many people as possible to make our movie a success. From our research we found that thriller is one of the most popular movie genres and so our film is likely to have a wide audience.

Although stereotypically some people may think boys are more likely to watch crime-thrillers our media product will also appeal to girls as our main character is female, helping to also attract a female audience, although our film does not specifically appeal to one gender, meaning we can attract a wider audience to help make our film a success.

Kira Welland

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