Thursday, 14 March 2013

Mise-en-scene analysis

 The photos on the wall had to be tilted slightly to make the house appear to be older and untouched. All photos used were appropriate for our narrative.

 The photograph on the table is the prop which the detective drops when she hears a noise coming from the other room, we had to place at a realistic angle. As well as this it needed something else next to it as no one keeps only one photo on a table so we decided to introduce a plant. However as the house hasn't been lived in for some time it had to be a dead plant.

 Having letters stuck in the letter box would show that no one has been in the house to collect them for some time, it emphasizes the period of time that the house has been left for.

 Letters have been placed like this on both sides of the door to show that letters were posted through until too many were left. It also shows that there is now no more room the put letters through as no one has collected them for a long period of time.

This was the writing for when the detective sees 'run if you can' written on the window. We wrote it on a steamed window as it would catch the light behind it which would look effective in the film. It was also a subtle way of the detective knowing that something else was in the house with her.

This is the photograph that the detective takes to the  house. It had the address attached below so she could recognize the house.

Although it is not clearly visible to the audience, the lettering on the window spelt out the word 'ghost', we thought it would be good to have our actress walk in front of it to have a subtle piece of foreshadowing of the events to come and emphasize the supernatural aspect of the opening.

Chloe Barker

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