Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Evaluation question 5 - How did you attract/address your audience?

The character we created was an everyday person with a good job, many people can relate to this and the fact that she's a woman makes her seem more vulnerable and instantly attracts the female audience. Through the first ten seconds of the opening, the audience can understand the genre through the voice-over describing her assignment, the scene, the low key lighting and loud sound effects with no music to add the suspense.

 The setting of a high street which we used.

The street which the protagonist is walking down is clearly a normal town from the constant cars going past and street lights. The cars may leave the audience feeling slightly more secure as you know she isn't alone, but that just adds greater suspense when she later is.

The low lighting, shadows and dark costume.

The sound effects were deliberately loud and by no music being used, they appeared more effective and created jumps for the audience by the unexpected sounds. The shadows used are fast moving to scare the audience immediately as opposed to lingering images which alarm the audience differently.

The audience is informed through the voice-over which is a man's voice describing what the protagonist's role is and what should happen, again shocking to the audience when what they expect to happen doesn't.

In terms of promotion of the film, we do not have a big budget, and so the best way to attract our audience would be by creating a buzz about the film, through fast, action trailers and interesting posters that show off our movie (such as the one we've made). We could also use word of mouth, encouraging people to get excited about the film so that they tell others, as well as using the internet. Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook would be perfect for promoting the movie, not only by people talking to each other but also by creating fan pages for the movie, such as the recent 'Spring Breakers' movie has done, tweeting and creating status' about the events happening around the movie and everything to do with it, such as trailers, promotional mall tours and release dates. Youtube would also be very good to promote our film, which we have uploaded our Opening Sequence to, and we could also upload promotional trailers and teasers.

Laura Witt

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