Friday, 15 February 2013

Font vote

Crime times six - 8
No fear - 5
True lies - 5
Cold night for alligators - 3
Frisky vampire - 2
Horror sketch - 1
Nightmare - 1

I asked 25 people to vote for their favourite font from the previously uploaded mood board. It is clear that 'Crime times six' was the most popular with 'No fear' and 'True lies' having the second most votes.
The group decided to use 'Crime times six' as the font for the credits and 'True lies' as the title font. Crime times six is to be used for the credits as it is a more readable font where as True lies is an appropriate font as it will stand out when used for the title due to the dramatic use of italics.We chose True lies over No fear as it presents itself to fit the hybrid genre of crime thriller where as No fear appeared to suit the genre of horror more.
Chloe Barker

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